Eachine VR D2 – FPV Goggles – Review and Demo

I recently bought the Eachine VR D2  FPV Goggles because the resolution in my Eachine VR007 was pretty bad and I wanted something better.

The Eachine VR D2 are defiantly better than the VR007, but they’re still not GREAT!

They are decent for the price, but the quality feels cheap.   The lens is adjustable, but its a very cheap adjusting mechanism, and feels like its going to break when I move it.

If you’re on a tight budget VR D2 are a good bet.

I do NOT suggest getting the VR007.  If you’re going to spend the money, might as well spend a bit more and get the VR DR2.

As soon as I’m comfortable flying FPV, I’m going to upgrade to either the Skyzone SJ V01, or the Eachine Goggles One.

In this video, the first part is not the best, but the second part shows a live recording that I did with the Eachine VR D2 (you can skip ahead to 1:45 if you want to get straight to the DVR flight footage)

In the DVR footage, I’m flying my 250 in acro mode  (I’m not so comfortable flying FPV or Acro mode yet, so the flying in the video is pretty bad…but its not to show off my lack of flying skills, its to show what the footage looks like from the VR D2.  I’m using a boscam 600 mw transmitter.

After I’ve been flying with them longer, I’ll film an updated review  (and the quality will be a lot better than the video “review”  on this page).

My thoughts so far:


* Cheap   *Fairly Comfortable   *Adjustable lens helps people with bad eyes (like me)  *Better Resolution than the Eachine VR007  *Diversity   *DVR    *Battery lasts longer than the VR007    *DVR Option


* Cheaply made  (feels cheap)  *The adjustable lens feels very flimsy and cheap and like it will break easily   *More Lag when recording (not good for recording your races unless you use a different pair to race and only use the VR D2 to record)  * Only comes with one battery   *Should be some non-slip material behind where the battery goes so it doesn’t slip out so easy.


Initial Thoughts Summary:  The Eachine VR D2 are definatly better than the VR007  (which is the way it should be since it costs more)  but the overall cheap feel to it, and the flimsy lens adjuster make me think it won’t be too long until something breaks.   As soon as I’ve got a handle on FPV flying, I’m going to order the Goggles One  or Skyzone SJ V01, so I see the VR D2 more like temporary learning goggles rather than something I’m going to be using for very long.


Eachine VR D2 – http://under-the-drone.com/Eachine-VR-D2-FPV

Skyzone SJ – http://under-the-drone.com/skyzone-sj-v01

Eachine Goggles One – http://under-the-drone.com/goggles-one


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