How to Build a 180 FPV Racing Quadcopter

Ready to build a 180 FPV Racing Quad ?   Flying fast using fpv (first person view)  is a ton of fun, and fpv racing quads are not too difficult to build yourself. The benefit if building it yourself is you can custom pick the parts to fit your style and level.

Why pick a 180 FPV over a 250 FPV?  Well, the 180 is obviously smaller and lighter which means it can go faster and is more agile.  Don’t get me wrong, 250 size quad copters are incredibly agile and fast already, but 180’s have a bit of an edge on them when it comes to maneuverability.

Check out this comparison footage of a 250 and 180. You can see from the video that the 180 can make sharper turns, but the 250 is much better for filming because its more smooth.

If you are a beginner, then you’ll want to start with cheaper parts since you will be crashing. Trust me, if you’re new to flying quads and you try to learn on a fpv racing quad, you WILL crash. Oh and invest in frame that sells spare parts (like spare arms). If you break one arm on your quad, you don’t want to have to buy a whole new frame (I made that mistake my first time around).

In this video, you will learn step by step how to build your very own 180 4S FPV Racing Quadcopter.
180 is the size of the frame and 4S is related to the battery power. If you want to read more about the difference between 3S and 4S, you can check out this blog post on the differences between 3S and 4S.

Here is a list of parts used in the the video

Frame – Armattan CF-226 Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit – 226mm Acrobatic Quad

Flight Conroller – Naze32

Power Distribution Board – 5V & 12V BEC + Switches

ESC – Little Bee 20a Mini Esc 2-4s x4

Motors – RS2205 2300KV Motor (note the one in the link spins counter clockwise. You need 2 counter clockwise and 2 clockwise.

VTX – Aomway 5.8Ghz 200mW 32CH mini Wireless Audio and Video Transmitter Tx

Camera – HS1177

Pigtail – SMA

Antenna – AOMWAY Four Lobe

Propellers – 4 inch propellers

That training video and other quadcopter training videos like it on YouTube will give you a start, but its not the best way to learn how to build and fly a quadcopter.

When I first started off, I wasted a ton of money because I was watching random YouTube videos trying to learn how to do everything. Because I didn’t have A-Z training and someone I could ask questions, I wasted a lot of time and money.
Then I found an awesome training course on Udemy about how to build and fly racing drones, and I realized how many mistakes I’d been making and how much bad advice I’d gotten from YouTube.

It’s your lucky day because I got in touch with the course instructor Silvio and he agreed to give my blog readers a 50% discount!

If you’re serious about building and flying a racing quad, then don’t try to cut corners like I did, learn from a pro! You can even ask Silvio any question in the course and he’ll help you out with anything.

Click the button to join the class and learn everything you need to know about building and racing quadcopters.

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how to build a racing quad

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