New Drone with 4K Camera Fits in Your Pocket – Dobby

New Selfie Drone That Fits in Your Pocket – Dobby

Not long ago I stumbled across a new drone that looks pretty cool. Its called the Dobby (from Zerotech.

Now, usually I’m not big into RTF quadcopters and drones, but the Dobby looks pretty cool. I’m not big into selfies, but I like the fact that this can fit in your pocket and easy to take to extreme places.

It’s a bit bigger than an iPhone and only weights 199g, and yet has 9 min flight time and a 4K camera.
Its video quality is 1080p @30 fps.

Max altitude for this little quad is 3000m, so if you plan on hanging out at 3000m above sea level, the Dobby won’t do you much good.

They claim the control range is 100 M which is more than enough for taking selfies and nice fly-in, or fly-by videos, but it operates on your phone’s wifi, so range will depend on your phone. I’ve got an older smart phone and with any drone related wifi stuff, I usually can’t get more than 20M away before I start to lose the signal. I don’t actually own a Dobby yet, so I can’t tell you what it’s actual range is.

It comes with GPS, Follow-Me Mode, and can do a little flip. I’m not sure why they added the flip option because its not a drone meant to fly for recreation, its just meant for short range photography and a flip wouldn’t add any benefit to a video or picture.

The auto tracking filming is only for 10 seconds but if you’re not using auto tracking, you can record longer.
Here is a short demo of a video made with a Dobby (not the most stable filming, but its only 200g, so you can’t expect better)

To fly it, you can either do follow me mode, or you can fly it with motion controls or by fingering your phone (or whatever its called when you control something on your phone by moving your finger on the screen).
Here is a demo video of someone flying the Dobby using motion controls and using touch screen mode.

When I see the Dobby, I think about how many times it would have come in handy for capturing my best and most memorable moments. Like my snowboarding trips, Paint balling (though I’m not sure I’d risk it getting shot down), my wedding, cliff diving, and the birth of my son. Actually scratch that last one.

If you like what you see and want to get your hands on a Dobby, then you’ll have to dish out around $400 for it. Batteries cost $60, 2 replacement blades cost $13, and the charging dock costs $15.
Still interested? You can order it here.

Personally, I’m not ready to dish out $400 because I’m not doing all the extreme sports like I used to so I don’t have any need to have a drone that fits in my pocket. I’m into drones more for the fast flying, so I’d rather spend $400 on upgrading my drones.
If you’re a drone hobbyist, then the Dobby probably won’t tickle your fancy (or is it “tickle your fanny”? I was never sure).

IMO this is the perfect drone for people who take a lot of pictures (and are not happy with the range of a selfie stick), for people doing extreme sports (though I’m not 100% sure how well the follow me mode works since I can’t find any videos online showing it.), for egomaniacs who like to record mundane boring stuff that no one cares about (no one cares what you ate for dinner!), for quadriplegics (it’s voice activated), and for peeping toms (I’m mentioning this not to give peeping toms an idea, but more so that you can always be on the lookout for peeping Dobbys).

I’m not endorsing this product or giving it the thumbs up because I’ve never tried it. If I were going to buy something that was for flying selfies, I’d probably wait for the Hover. Its a bit bigger at 238g, and is more expensive than the Dobby (the Hover will list at $600) but it looks a lot more stable (and cooler imo) You can read more about the Hover in Digital Trend’s article about the unfolding, flying selfie book.

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