RunCam2 HD Review and Sample Footage

Is the RunCam 2 HD Right for You?


Last week, I bought the RunCam 2 HD from Banggood and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it.

Here is a picture of it mounted to my 250 quadcopter.   I got the RunCam 2 because it can record in 1080p@60fps  where as the popular Mobius records at 1080p@30fps. runcam2 hd

The Mobius and RunCam 2 are about the same in size and weight and they are both in the $100 price range.  After comparing footage, I decided I liked the results of the RunCam 2 better, so I bought the RunCam.

Honestly, I haven’t been disappointed.  There are more cool features than I expected, like the slow motion recording mode, AND it can even record in 1440p@30 fps.  The app for it is available for Android and iOS and allows you to view your feed live via wifi (the RunCam emits the wifi signal).  Now, before you get too excited about this, just know that the wifi range is very limited (10m) so you won’t be using it to fly FPV unless you’re just planning on flying small circles around yourself (which sounds pretty boring).

I use the RunCam’s wifi to connect to the phone app to set all the settings the way I want, but I never use the live feed for FPV flying.

If you want to use the RunCam as your FPV camera, you can most defiantly do so by connecting it to a video transmitter (like this one) .  I know some people use the RunCam as their main FPV cam, but I don’t like flying with the view of the fish eye lens.  For me it makes it more difficult to judge my distance from things.   I prefer to fly using a regular FPV cam to fly and use the RunCam to record my flight.

Another cool feature of the RunCam 2 is, it comes with a rechargeable battery you can use with it, or you can remove the battery and plug it directly to your power distribution board so you never have to worry if the camera has enough charge to record your flight.

It also came with a bunch of different ways to mount the RunCam.  I used some of the extra RunCam 2 mounting pieces to secure some other components on my quad, so that was a nice bonus.

If you are filming nice scenic shots, then the slow motion recording feature is nice.   If you’re going to be doing faster flying, then you won’t want to use the slow motion feature.  What does the slow motion filming look like on a racing quad?  Well, I’ll show you!
My first flight with it, I didn’t realize in the app I had set it to slow motion.   Here is what it looks like. The conditions were very windy, and it was only my second time flying a quadcopter that wasn’t a toy, so try not to get sick.

Please Note, when I edited the video I accidentally rendered it at 720p, so the footage isn’t 1080p.

My third time flying with my RunCam, I was about 150 feet high and flying fast when suddenly I had a battery failure and my 250 quad fell like a rock onto a pile of rocks.  The drone landed directly on the RunCam when it hit the ground. The fall broke one arm, and punctured the battery almost to the point of explosion but besides a few scratches, the RunCam was unharmed and still works perfectly.

 crashed racing drone        damaged lipo battery

I’ve testing it out a bunch of times since and I can tell absolutely no difference in the footage before and after the crash.  Unfortunately I don’t have footage of the crash because in my grief, I powered off the RunCam 2 without first stopping the recording.  If you power off while recording, it doesn’t save the recording  (so this might be my only complaint about it, but its the same with other digital cameras)

So that is real, first-hand proof that the RunCam 2 is a sturdy camera capable of sustaining extreme crashes.

Overall: I’m very happy with my $100 investment in the RunCam 2 and look forward to making and posting footage that is a lot better than my first one (the video above).

Price: 10/10  You won’t find many other cameras that can record 1080p@60fps in the $100 price range.  If you want great bang for your buck, its the RunCam 2

Sturdiness: So Far 10/10….if I have any issues with it after some more hard crashes, I’ll update the score here and write an update post about it.

Filming Quality for Small Action Cam: 8/10   I’m not giving it a 10/10 for quality because the gopro Hero 4 makes better videos.  Has an SD slot to record the footage.

Weight: 10/10 – Much lighter than any GoPro, plus you can remove the battery and use your drone to power it to make it even lighter.

App:  8/10 – Very Easy to use and has lots of different options, like save your video and pics directly to your phone (via the RunCam 2’s wifi link)  My only problem is they made some of the buttons a bit too small to push on a smartphone screen.  On my tablet its fine, but on my smartphone I have to use my pinky finger to select options like “Slow Motion”.

Accessories:  9/10  It had everything I needed included, plus even came with an extra protective cover for the lens. The connector on it was different from the one my video transmitter, so I had to splice the wires, so that is why I’m not giving it a perfect score for accessories.

And just in case you decide to get a RunCam 2 as well, here are some nice, cheap extras that I bought and am finding most useful.

RunCam  Sturdy Lens Protectors  – The lens protector that comes with the RunCam is good, but this one ads a nice, extra layer of protection.  Its only a few bucks and can give your RunCam a longer life, so for me its a no brainer.

Tilted Camera Mount – This one is just for racing quads.  If you don’t plan on using the RunCam 2 with a racing quad, then you won’t need this.

If you have the RunCam 2 HD already, let me know in the comments what  your opinion of it is.  Have you had any problems with it?  Are you happy with it?
The purpose of my reviews are to give people an honest look at the product, so all feedback from other RunCam 2 users is welcome (even if its horribly negative).

If you have a RunCam 2, post links to your videos in the comments!

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