The Splash Drone: What you Need to Know about it

Splash Drone: Waterproof Quadcopter with payload release function and swims underwater.

Review, setup and calibration

What you need to know about the Splash Drone plus how to set it up and calibrate it.

Sure there are other waterproof quadcopters and UAVs out there, but not many of them have payload release options, or can swim underwater like a submarine.

Check out this video of how fishermen are using the Splash Drone.


Pretty much anyone who films around water will want to check out the splash drone.  It’s not only waterproof, it’s incredibly durable and it can also work as a submarine.

Check out how this guy just turns it upside down in the water to turn it into a sub! I’ve never personally tried it, but I wouldn’t suggest doing this too often or ever going very deep. The water pressure could do some damage to the drone since its not meant to be a deep water submersible.


Basic Setup and Calibration of the Splash Drone

This video will show you how to setup the compass calibration and other calibrations and basic drone setup for the Splash Drone

The Splash Drone is a very cool, waterproof drone that can land on the water and swim around in the water, and take off out of the water as well.  With the gimbal, this allows for some cool underwater to surface shots.

How to Install the Gimbal on a Splash Drone

Splash Drone Auto Compass Calibration Firmware

Splash Drone Auto Telemetry Remote Setup


But, it’s not perfect as you can see in this video:

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